Why Is Bass Fishing Popular?

An attorney with Gentle Turner Sexton & Harbison, LLC, in Birmingham, Alabama, Edgar “Ed” Gentle has practiced law for decades. In his free time, Ed Gentle is an avid bass fisherman who enjoys participating in tournaments each year. 

A hobby for millions, bass fishing requires proper technique and form to truly maximize success and enjoyment. The sport’s popularity has even led to an increase in organized competitions over the years.

An abundant fish in North America, bass can grow to up to 20 pounds. While many might consider fishing a somewhat relaxing pastime, with most of it simply waiting and wondering, bass are aggressive fish by nature. Anglers throw a lure into the water and move it around as much as possible to gain bass’ attention. Once the bass takes the bait, the angler has to put in real effort to retrieve it. For many, the enjoyment of bass fishing lies in the challenge and enjoyment of competing with friends.

Lakes and ponds are great places to search for bass. Because a boat isn't always necessary, bass fishing is highly accessible for many types of people. Lures and bait are also affordable, with some companies even shipping monthly subscription boxes of these items directly to homes. Spring is the best time to fish for bass, as the fish are easily found in shallow waters, guarding their eggs.