The Academy of Court Appointed Masters Handbook

A practicing attorney, Ed Gentle spends the majority of his professional time as a special master and claims administrator. A special master is a legal expert appointed by a court to follow through on a specific action. Ed Gentle serves as a special master in mass tort litigation and, as such, belongs to the professional organization the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (ACAM).

Founded in 2004, ACAM exists to provide judges, lawyers, and other concerned parties with information about the role of special masters while promoting the effective use of special masters in both state and federal courts. One way it does this through the publication of a benchbook, or handbook, meant to serve as a resource for judges and lawyers regarding the appointment of special masters.

The handbook is free and can be downloaded from the ACAM website. The ACAM recommends printing it out, three-hole punching it, and putting it into a binder. Divided into six sections, the book explains the role of special masters in helping resolve disputes legally and ethically in a speedy and inexpensive manner.